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What is Responsive Website?

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Responsive Websites has a characteristic of Water!
Yeah! Alike water taking shape of the container placed in, Responsive Website adjust it’s layout according to the user’s device.
Responsive Websites are way more user friendly than you can imagine. They are compatible with almost all latest hi tech devices like Mobile Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Personal Computer etc.

Why Responsive Website?

There is a massive increase in the number of mobile users in recent times and it’s going to rise even more in future. This won’t be wrong to say that most of them prefer surfing net on their devices only. Responsive website will certainly give them an outstanding experience with website itself adjusting the layout compatible to their devices.
With maximum clients demanding for all new Responsive Websites and others getting their websites converted to Responsive websites, it’s high time that you get a Responsive Website too for a better customer experience, expected growth in business and to stay a step ahead in the competition.

Merits of Responsive Website

  • A world class user experience assures you great business in return.

  • One website for All devices - No need to have multiple websites for various devices.

  • Internet usage Office and internet related work have taken a new face in today’s time, with more hi-tech gadgets and internet facility everywhere, more people are surfing net on their devices than on.

  • It’s strongly encouraged and recommended by Google.

Demerits of Non Responsive Website

  • User find it challenging to navigate through the website as layout did not adjust according to the device.

  • Images and fonts either appear too small or too large in various devices.

  • User find it difficult to click on the desired link and to scroll through the website.

  • Overall giving user a bad experience using your website.

How Responsive Website Increase your Business?

1. Boost Google Ranking of your website

One website is enough! When you have Responsive website, you have a single URL to open your website on devices like Mobile Phone, Laptop, Tablet, Personal Computers etc. This diverts all the traffic that earlier was scattered on your multiple websites.
This increases the traffic and hits on your websites, nonetheless, increasing the Google Ranking of your website and boosting SEO immensely.
Google has announced that they will rank Responsive Website higher; you may check it in Google’s article. Few updates from the article are as below:-

  • Update – 10/6/2015 Forbes has declared millennial are the largest mobile using consumer. This means, there’s more than twice as many millennials as non-millennials using a mobile device to research products and read user reviews while shopping.

  • Update 8/6/2015 Confirmed – Better SEO For Page Load Time. Responsive web design helps reduce page load time. Your browser also does not waste precious seconds redirecting to a mobile version.

  • Update 5/13/2015 Confirmed – It’s Official Google Says More Searches Now On Mobile Than On Desktop.

  • “more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan”

  • Update – 5/6/2015 Confirmed increase of higher Google search engine results. With our mobile-friendly web design, we experienced an increase of website traffic and higher search engine rankings. In addition, we are receiving a higher volume of calls and business.

2. Incredible User Experience Increases Sales and Business

The core objective of having a website is to earn greater Business and Revenues. User find it interesting to explore and to stick to your website for longer as it’s extremely user friendly on all devices. A great user experience offered through Responsive Website increase traffic and business in return.
All traffic through your network activities like Blog, Articles, Promotional campaigns etc will then be diverting towards one and only Responsive Website.
The website also support offline browsing facility in HTML5 enabled devices. User can read emails and newsletters without having to use their internet connection even. You can offer a world class user experience to your customer to engage them longer on your website.

3. Save Time and Money

When you have only one website, you don’t need to invest most of your valuable time on Google Analytics, tracking the visitors on multiple websites. It saves your time and helps you scrutinize your website easily in less time.
Save money as you don’t have to develop multiple websites compatible with number of leading devices available in market.
The choice is clear! A single website earning great business with stacks of other benefits as well.

4. Stay ahead in Cut throat Competition

Responsive Website help you stay in the lead in this hysterically competitive world. Today everything revolves around the net. People are getting addicted to online shopping, exploring the net for all type of queries is the foremost thing they do. When you have Responsive Website, you can easily connect with your targeted audience, your unique website will fetch you more and more customers everyday. Have a glance at few of the many benefits of Responsive Website that will help you stay a step ahead in the competition.

  • Having one Responsive Website fetches all the hits, traffic and visitors, thus, increasing the website ranking on Google, it’s like using your own website to do SEO for itself.

  • You save money and time by having only website to track and maintain. You save yourself from being penalized by Google for repeating or duplicating your own contents in your multiple websites.

  • Responsive Website is most user friendly and in today’s tech savvy world, most mobile users prefer exploring their favorite websites through their device only.

  • Responsive Website looks alive compare to other inactive looking websites that gives user a sense of confidence to interact or to share their personal details. As its layout adjusts in all devices it always provides a great user experience irrespective of which device is being used.

  • Responsive Website works wonder for e-commerce websites. If you trade online, we recommend woo commerce a word press plug-in for an incredible user experience. User find Responsive website fascinating this makes them stay longer on your website. The longer the customer stays the more business you gain.

  • Responsive Website is more innovative in appearance and activities as compare to ordinary websites. The user friendliness this website gives is beyond comparison. Besides, it fetches all the traffic through almost all search engines increasing ranking of your website. This keeps the website look alive, attracting more users.

  • So, in this exceedingly competitive world to lead you must offer the best to your users. Get your own Responsive Website developed from us and stay upfront with the cutting-edge technology.

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