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√ What is Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance is an unavoidable part of owing a website. Website maintenance is your website’s defensive team that safeguards it from hackers and unexpected virus attacks. It also keeps your website updated and interactive for visitor’s interest.

√ What all services come under website maintenance?

Website maintenance is a comprehensive package that includes everything your website need. When you choose our website maintenance package, you can sit back and relax while we take complete care of your website. You may choose a maintenance package to best suit your website requirements. We offer maintenance packages on monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis and our website maintenance packages include the following work of maintenance:-

  • Editing or adding website content on regular basis
  • Maintenance of email and/or newsletter list
  • Regular Updates on website such as articles, blog and/or any announcements
  • Maintaining pages on website - Add/remove
  • Replacing, Manipulating or Inserting Images
  • Shopping cart product updates
  • PDF creation and uploading
  • Navigational changes
  • Insert or delete pre-edited video
  • Adding or deleting links
  • Checklist of Website Maintenance
  • Instant website and plug ins updates
  • Virus and bugs removal
  • Huge reduction (in most cases elimination) of SPAM emails
  • Validation from search engines that your website is safe
  • Periodical backup of the website
  • Monthly website visitor report
  • Add/edit update content
  • Edit in current banner
  • Third party app integration
  • Periodical website health check
  • Server performance checkup
  • Periodical backup of database
  • Periodically check the website performance
  • On-demand backup
  • Support via phone or mail

√ Website Security

Your website is constantly under threat of Hackers & Viruses. Our foremost priority under website maintenance is security of your website. Technology is constantly changing and your website also needs to be updated to maintain the security. Website maintenance keeps a pace between changing technology and security measures to keep your website safe.
We say a smart preventive step is always better than spending a lot of time and money in curing the preventable problem.

√ Keeping your Website Up to the Mark

An inactive or as good as dead websites obtain no visitors. We make changes and updates on regular basis to attract maximum visitors on your website. Every time they visit, they must discover something innovative and good to know information. The most honest feedback comes from the comments, questions, suggestions and complaints left by the visitors, pay attention and these will help you improvise your website’s online performance.

√ E-Commerce Specials

Online shopping has fascinated customers of all age group and class. Your E-Commerce Website must be innovative with regular updates to attract more visitors. We make regular updates on special offers and promotional campaigns to boost up sales and visitors.

√ Product/service Updates

Another major aspect to boost sales is updating the service list and product details on regular basis. This helps website look alive. Your regular posts and updates gather maximum interest of the visitors, thus, increasing your sales efficiently.

√ Interactivity Maintenance

Most people consider website a onetime asset, here is where they go wrong! For your website to get you the expected business, we robustly recommend website maintenance. Interaction with your customers & visitors is the key to generate maximum business and maintain an online reputation. Website maintenance immediately replaces any malfunctioning interactive tools, thus, helping you maintain your uninterrupted presence online.

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